• GSM Dialer (SMS + VOICE) Btel-3G

GSM Dialer (SMS + VOICE) Btel-3G



 Works in both wireless and wired panels

•Voice menu in 4 languages for programming and use

• 4 programmable input lines

• Up to 3 voice messages can be associated with each event: 8 messages lasting up to 8

seconds each

• Checking on the remaining credit for pre‐paid SIM cards

• Sending of voice and text messages to activate input

• 1 OC (Open Collector) output reserved for announcing malfunctions

• 3 programmable OC (Open Collector) outputs

• Remote output activation through caller recognition and/or by sending a text message

• Remote call cycle blocking

• Programmable number of times to attempt a call and of repetition of an alarm message

• Search for the operator with the best GSM coverage

• Periodic voice & text message

• Low battery indicated by text message

• Speaker for listening to recorded messages and speakerphone function

• Superkey management

• Protection from attempts at sabotage (protection against opening and tearing)

• Housing for a 12 V ‐ 1.2 Ah battery (not supplied). 


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